Why Choose Us

For lead counsel, fee committees, special masters, and courts addressing common benefit allocations in multidistrict litigation or state court coordinated proceedings, our team offers consulting and auditing services with significant advantages over traditional methodology. Our approach enables those responsible for the process to make uniform, informed decisions and expeditiously conclude the reimbursement process at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional methods.

Common Benefit Experience

Since focusing her practice on common benefit consulting, Ms. Collins has reviewed more than 4 million hours of time and more than $150M in expenses. She has been involved in every aspect of the common benefit process, from the creation of the initial common benefit order at the litigation’s inception through the fee and expense award appeals process. Her experience in not only the common benefit fee and expense award process, but also the detailed review of the time and expense submissions, is unmatched by any other attorney.

Mass Tort Practice Experience

Ms. Collins is a practicing attorney with over 10 years of litigation experience, the vast majority of which has been in mass tort multidistrict litigation. This background provides her with customized insight into the legal aspects involved in this unique type of court action. She also has substantial experience in the common benefit process, including the procedures necessary in reviewing and analyzing time and expense submissions.

Unbiased & Uniform Reviews

When fee committee members begin the review process, the sheer volume of work requires assignment of multiple individual attorneys to complete the review. By retaining Amy L. Collins, P.C. to handle review and auditing of submissions, leadership implements a transparent, uniform, and unbiased review process executed by an independent and neutral third party. The result is a fair and equitable process with recommendations and customized analysis for the fee committee or special master to utilize in making determinations on firm submissions and formulating allocation recommendations for the court.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Traditional methods of handling the common benefit allocation often result in a long, drawn-out, and expensive process. We take pride in our efficiency and streamlined approach to the common benefit process. We provide services that alleviate much of the work for counsel involved in the litigation. Our rates are competitive and result in a cost-efficient, less expensive process, as well as completion of leadership counsels’ and fee committees’ common benefit responsibilities in a fraction of the time.

We use simple, straightforward time and expense tracking systems that can be easily adapted to the needs of the litigation using software already utilized by law firms in their practice. By employing software and technology already available to firms, we offer the same tracking and reporting capabilities for substantially less than our competitors.

Additional Information & Inquiries

Based in Houston, Texas, Amy L. Collins, P.C. provides independent third-party common benefit consulting and auditing services nationwide in multidistrict litigation. We welcome inquiries about our services and can be reached by phone at (281) 788-7697.